Odyssey of the West III: A Classic Education through the Great Books: The Medieval World

Written by:
Timothy B. Shutt
Narrated by:
Timothy B. Shutt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2008
8 hours 0 minutes
Odyssey of the West I and II explored timeless works from the ancient world that shaped, and continue to shape, the culture and philosophies of life today. In part three of this fascinating series, Professor Timothy B. Shutt of Kenyon College is joined by Professors Thomas F. Madden (Saint Louis University) and Monica Brzezinski Potkay (College of William & Mary) as they examine the most influential thinkers and works of the medieval world. The Odyssey of the West series addresses in chronological sequence the works that have shaped-and indeed questioned- the ongoing development of Western thought both in its own right and in cultural dialogue with other traditions. Part three is a richly detailed look at St. Augustine, Beowulf, St. Thomas Aquinas, Authurian legends, Dante, Gothic art, and other highlights of the period. Through the course of these lectures, it becomes apparent that the 'dark' ages were in fact a time of immense achievement, and a time that richly rewards those who study its art and philosophies.
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