Written By: Homer

Narrated By: Derek Jacobi

Date: June 2000

Duration: 9 hours 19 minutes


The most popular epic of Western culture springs to life in Allen Mandelbaum's magnificent translation.Homer's masterpiece tells the story of Odysseus, the ideal Greek hero, as he travels home to Ithaca after the Trojan War-a journey of ten years and countless thrilling adventures. Rich in Greek folklore and myth, featuring gods and goddesses, monsters and sorceresses, The Odyssey has enchanted listeners around the world for thousands of years. Mandelbaum's robust, romantic, lyrical translation has an openness and immediacy unsurpassed by any other. Read aloud, it is a wonderful way to experience this enduring classic.


  • Angel G.


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  • Be B

    I felt this was a must read as I've enjoyed a lot of the thinking that came out of early Greek philosophers. So a story that put me in their time, their way of thinking, even if fictional was of interest to me. The one niggle in my mind I was left with was what was the meaning of 'winged words' I found that this seems to be a commonly discussed niggle: http://www.iliadtranslation.com/winged_words.html However, from my reading of that discussion and the context of it's use fresh in my mind I'd have to say 'Flighty' fits for me as in a quick comeback or with little hesitation. the words didn't last long. Feel free to add your thoughts in response after reading :) I also enjoyed the narration and the music set into the piece, it gave it a nice feel like I was entering the world of the story. Some of his language and views on women may cause offense in today's context, but I have to believe that if he were born today he is a broad minded thinker and would have viewed things differently. 'Different times' and such.

  • John H.

    Ther is a reason this book has been around all the millennium. Just a plain good story.


by Homer

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Odyssey, Homer
Odyssey, Homer
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Odyssey, Homer
This title is due for release on June 16, 2000
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Odyssey, Homer
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Odyssey, Homer

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