The Old Gray Goose's Story Hour; The World's Most Beloved Storyteller; Original Masters Series Re-mixed and Re-mastered; Scary Stories

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
0 hours 58 minutes
Once again the Old Gray Goose delivers a collection of funny, heartwarming tales perfected over six decades of campfires and thousands of enthusiastic young campers as part of his amazing lifelong work with the YMCA. Here is the definitive collection of down-home songs and stories for children of all ages, affectionately told by a compassionate man who genuinely cares about young people.
Edited by Macc Kay in Bangkok
Musical consultant Alex Franchi in Milan
Production executive Avalon Giuliano in London
ICON Intern Eden Giuliano in Delhi
Music By AudioNautix With Their Kind Permission
©2020 Icon Audio Arts (P) 2020 Icon Audio Arts LLC
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