The Old Man and the Sea

Written by:
Ernest Hemingway
Narrated by:
Donald Sutherland

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2006
2 hours 30 minutes
2007 Audie Award Finalist for Solo Narration—Male

*Winner of the Pulitzer Prize*
“A beautiful tale, awash in the seasalt and sweat, bait and beer of the Havana coast. It tells a fundamental human truth: in a volatile world, from our first breath to our last wish, through triumphs and pitfalls both trivial and profound, what sustains us, ultimately, is hope.” —The Guardian

The last of his novels Ernest Hemingway saw published, The Old Man and the Sea has proved itself to be one of the most enduring works of American fiction. The story of a down-on-his-luck Cuban fisherman and his supreme ordeal—a relentless, agonizing battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream—has been cherished by generations of readers.

Hemingway takes the timeless themes of courage in the face of adversity and personal triumph won from loss and transforms them into a magnificent twentieth-century classic. First published in 1952, this hugely popular tale confirmed his power and presence in the literary world and played a large part in his winning the 1954 Nobel Prize in Literature.
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Evelyn C.

Loved this reading done so well by Donald Sutherland, whose voice and pace was perfect for the story. Great dialogue and thoughts and relationship by the fisherman and the boy.

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Hannah T.

Great listen for going on walks outside.

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Joseph P.

Best old man and the sea narrator

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Gary Baldwin

amazing book and a great story of perseverance

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Amir R.

It is one of the best books I have read. Looking at this book still reminds me of my childhood. It's great that I found the audio sample.

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Bruce R.

Moved to tears. His best work and that's saying something.

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Tim S.

Great story, of course it was well written. I may have seen too much of myself in the old man.

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Harry H.

Another Hemingway slow read with missing ending... reminds me of The Sun Also Rises. Guess I will give up on him. Sutherlund was a delightful surprise.

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Scott C.

Such an excellent book. No wonder it’s such a classic. Well narrated by Mr. Sutherland.

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Brandy D.

Donald Sutherland was a nice familiar voice on this book. The story is amazing, heartfelt, and hits home for those of us who have a soft spot for our elders and the old ways. Finished it quickly and mostly in one sitting.

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Gary W.

We really enjoyed these few days with an old fisherman. Such a vivid description of the physical adventure, and also the amusing, insightful rollercoaster of an old man's thoughts. Well read by Donald Sutherland.

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Sarel R

Obviously an hour magnificent book. I loved the way Hemingway toyed with hidden meanings and truths about life.

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Gerhard Marx

I very much enjoyed this book. It is one of those that one can go back to many times and get a new insight each time.

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James Gurule

I loved this book! It is as much a story about an old man and a boy as it is about his battle with a fish. Donald Sutherland's narration was just as I imagine the character was intended to be, simple and unflappable. Highly recommend!

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Nick Munn

A great story, but a boring narrative.

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Edward Kittrell

I absolutely loved this book. There were moments in it that made me feel like I was there in the boat watching the turmoil. It was a good mental absorption for me.

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