On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society

Written by:
Dave Grossman
Narrated by:
Dave Grossman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2009
13 hours 0 minutes
The revised and updated edition of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's modern classic about the psychology of combat, hailed by the Washington Post as "an illuminating account of how soldiers learn to kill and how they live with the experiences of having killed." In World War II, only 15 to 20 percent of combat infantry were willing to fire their rifles. In Korea, about 50 percent. In Vietnam, the figure rose to more than 90 percent. 

The good news is that most soldiers are loath to kill. But armies have developed sophisticated ways sophisticated ways of overcoming that instinctive aversion. The psychological cost for soldiers, as evidenced by the increase in post-traumatic stress, is devastating. This landmark study brilliantly illuminates the techniques the military uses to help soldiers kill and raises vital questions about the implications of escalating violence in our society. 
 "Powerfully argued...Full of arresting observations and insights." —New York Times
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As a combat Vet myself this book was very relatable, eye opening and interesting! Great book!

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very well written book. Worth the time to listen to great mind opener.

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Hugh H.

As a professional soldier this book had huge insights into feelings I have felt at times.

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André G.

Wonderful insight into the field of combat and killing

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Timothy R

Colonel Dave Grossman has given an enormous contribution of insight, experience and education to his readers. His dedication to his work and the work of others sited in the book and in his other books will contribute tremendously to our societies change for good.

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jason simmons

A very good and insightful read. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I've heard him speak and was not surprised at the book. Glad he narrated it as well. Highly recommend for an current military, law enforcement, or almost anybody that wants to gain an idea of how are military or law enforcement experiences combat.

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Jackie Vance

Very thought provoking. Hearing actual accounts of battle engagements from various wars makes me shutter. Also want to take all battle video games from my grandsons.

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Brian Sneeringer

Wonderful for those who need to understand their personal struggle with killing in combat

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