On My Way

Written by:
Tomie Depaola
Narrated by:
Tomie Depaola

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2008
1 hour 4 minutes
Tomie is overjoyed because his baby sister, Maureen, is finally strong enough to come home from the hospital. Over the next months, he is in a dance recital and he gets to go to the World's Fair. Soon, the school year is at an end. Summer is full of fun things to do, like going to the beach and celebrating the Fourth of July-but Tomie can't wait for school to start again. He hopes he'll get Miss Kiniry, the first-grade teacher he likes the best. In first grade he will finally-finally-learn to read. And maybe even get a library card of his own!

'DePaola's writing and recollective skills are so fresh that kids will feel like he's sitting right next to them, telling his tales in and out of school with disarming charisma and not a hint of nostalgia.' (The Horn Book)

'More please.' (Kirkus Reviews, pointer review)
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