One Wizard Place

Written by:
D.M. Paul
Narrated by:
Katy Davies

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2006
5 hours 30 minutes
"Young Kase and his faithful partner Murdox ' who just happens to be a talking wolf-dog ' are agents for the Incantation Enforcement Agency, Counter-Curse Division. In a world where magic and technology are intertwined, they have the unpleasant job of righting magic that has gone wrong.

Following the completion of the difficult task of rousting some pesky nixies, they learn that their next assignment involves saving an elf king who is slowly turning to stone after drinking a mystical afternoon tea. What begins as a typical quirky assignment turns out to be a quest that takes them to forbidden lands, where they encounter magical beasts and unique challenges destined to test all their skills and intelligence.
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