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Oranges for Christmas: A Berlin Wall Escape Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
8 hours 5 minutes
The war is over but the fight for freedom has only just begun.

Berlin. August 1961. The Cold War. When the Berlin Wall brutally divides East from West, Sabine is separated from her beloved brother, Dieter. Escape to the West is the only option if the family is to be reunited. But the Wall is guarded by soldiers operating a shoot to kill policy. And Sabine finds herself at the mercy of the Stasi and their brutal interrogation techniques. She must fight to escape. She must fight to survive.

Separated from his family by the Berlin Wall, Dieter teams up with a rebel group determined to rescue their loved ones from East Berlin. They have a plan. But it's a dangerous mission, beset with difficulties at every turn. Who can they really trust? Who is friend or foe?
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Steve M.

A brilliant and compelling insight into a grim period of recent history.

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