Written By: Dan Brown

Narrated By: Paul Michael

Date: October 2017

Duration: 18 hours 10 minutes


The #1 New York Times Bestseller (October 2017) from the author of The Da Vinci Code.
Bilbao, Spain
Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, arrives at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend a major announcement—the unveiling of a discovery that “will change the face of science forever.” The evening’s host is Edmond Kirsch, a forty-year-old billionaire and futurist whose dazzling high-tech inventions and audacious predictions have made him a renowned global figure. Kirsch, who was one of Langdon’s first students at Harvard two decades earlier, is about to reveal an astonishing breakthrough . . . one that will answer two of the fundamental questions of human existence.
     As the event begins, Langdon and several hundred guests find themselves captivated by an utterly original presentation, which Langdon realizes will be far more controversial than he ever imagined. But the meticulously orchestrated evening suddenly erupts into chaos, and Kirsch’s precious discovery teeters on the brink of being lost forever. Reeling and facing an imminent threat, Langdon is forced into a desperate bid to escape Bilbao. With him is Ambra Vidal, the elegant museum director who worked with Kirsch to stage the provocative event. Together they flee to Barcelona on a perilous quest to locate a cryptic password that will unlock Kirsch’s secret.
     Navigating the dark corridors of hidden history and extreme religion, Langdon and Vidal must evade a tormented enemy whose all-knowing power seems to emanate from Spain’s Royal Palace itself . . . and who will stop at nothing to silence Edmond Kirsch. On a trail marked by modern art and enigmatic symbols, Langdon and Vidal uncover clues that ultimately bring them face-to-face with Kirsch’s shocking discovery . . . and the breathtaking truth that has long eluded us.
Origin is stunningly inventive—Dan Brown's most brilliant and entertaining novel to date.


  • Susan W

    To me, not as interesting as Brown’s other books. I love history and this one didn’t have as much of it. It was about the future. The story mostly takes place in one night, so a lot of detail. I heard the phrase “where did we come from, where are we going” one too many times. That said, I did enjoy it, the narrator was good and the twist at the end was crazy!

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  • M tollefson

    It is good but story line is the same as all dan brown books

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  • Marc S

    Excellent book. I always enjoy Dan Brown’s plots. The introduction of an A.I. character added an interesting twist to the action.

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  • Don S

    This is another Dan Brown masterpiece. Great narrator once again. I just can’t say enough please Mr. Brown write more novels.

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  • Sonja M

    There’s some very interesting science and discussion about religion and science. The story and plot surrounding it is tedious and a huge waste of time. Would NOT recommend.

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  • Bob T

    The narrator was outstanding, the best I have ever heard. The story was a little shallow for Dan Brown

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  • Ron H

    Classic Dan Brown. Little slow in the middle. A tough topic to cover and he did it well. Great narration. Not his best but very well done.

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  • Judd J

    9 hours of good listening with 9 hours of fill to stretch the story.

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  • Bryan K

    First audiobook. Really enjoyed listening to it in the car to and from work. Would have given it 5 stars but the ending was slow

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  • Kyle G

    Bland...don't bother.

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  • Tara B

    Throughly enjoyed this novel. Interesting plot and great addition to the series.

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  • Quinn K

    Besides the very beginning and the last two hours the entire book was a big waste of rat race without much insight or interesting facts

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  • Sarah H

    Who are we , where are we going? A great read by Dan Brown. Non fiction is not the only genre to make you think on life. Thank the author for this thought provoking book and what the future of the digital realm means.

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  • Marshell K.

    I have enjoyed dan browns other books however this one I found boring and it exhausted me just listening to it. I had to go on line to learn the ending. I just could not stand listening to it any more.

  • Valerie M.

    Dan Brown is at his best as always. I always enjoy his very thought provoking books.. They always keep you thinking long after you close the book and the narrator is very good in this great story. I always look forward to his next great read.

  • Christopher S.

    it is a fantastic book that makes you think and the writer is very descriptive in the way he paints the scenes

  • Matt G.

    Kind of a stretch for Brown. The twists were obvious. The setbacks were unrealistic. The build up did not (in any way) match the "revelation". And why bash us over the face and chest with all this "love who you want" agenda out of the blue, and adding no point in the story? Oh yeah...because it's 2017 and we're all so woke now that this just _has_ to part of every story. I assume Brown will be going back to revise his old stories to soften characters this way. I would have liked to learn a bit more about Langdon. Yes, we know he has a MM watch and doesn't like small spaces...neither of which added anything to the story here, but both of which were mentioned several times. What else is there to this character? All in all, this is a Brown book you could skip.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed

  • Anonymous

    Loved the humor and the “spot on” Scandinavian reservedness when faced with anything new, and the underlying willingness to become involved. Well written.

  • Mitra B.

    A masterpiece! An absolute must-read book!

  • Jessica B.

    A good ‘read’ but not my favorite Dan Brown book. Narrator did an excellent job!

  • Josh A.

    Kept me 100% focuses until the end, great book!

  • Debbie M.

    Very interesting I enjoyed the setting in Spain and some of the sites visited along the way. The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, La Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona and the Gaudi structures in Barcelona very intriguing. fast paced and a quick read for me

  • Alex C.

    Always a good listen. Exciting, suspenseful and profound.

  • Adriana F

    Loved it. One of Brown's very best. Enjoyed every second of it.

  • Doug D

    great so far

  • Jeff M

    A good book but not nearly as captivating or suspenseful as his previous works. A bit of a let down to be honest.

  • Brett C

    absolutely awesome! it drove into the theories of science, theoretics, Anthropologie, sociology, love, and many other passionate topics displayed Germany situations including that from the standpoint of artificial intelligence. as a a personal believer of Science & Faith is book was amazing

  • Anonymous

    Really enjoyed this book and the narration was quite good. I like Dan Brown’s books and his stories are always thought provoking and well researched.

  • Rian C

    Worst Dan Brown book he has written. If you enjoy the other Robert Langdon books like I do, this one fails miserably to include the suspense and mystery. This books main goal appears to be bashing religion at the loss of his previous works exciting tales. Hopefully if Dan Brown does write another book with Robert Langdon he goes back to his original style.

  • Mark C

    pretty good. same old same old.

  • Clinton W

    Slow beginning, but worth it. Enjoyed the way it made you think of the possibilities. Narrator was great and entertaining.

  • Kyle B

    I was hooked from the beginning. The battle between science and religion has always been an interest of mine. And another great job from the narrator Paul Michael.

  • Timothy A

    Narration was excellent with accents and gender differentiation. Story was a little repetitive but sewed it up nicely in the end. Overall a good listen but did not quite meet my expectations considering other Brown works I have read.

  • Maria D

    This book was a very good read, Dan Brown books usually are but I felt that this one was a bit predictable. What I appreciate of all his reads is that he takes such great consideration of detail. I walked away learning of new things and feeling as though I could visit these places knowing much more about them than a novice visitor. Tie that all into a compelling story and it's all the better. Thank you and I hope that this isn't the last we see of Robert Langdon as his tales are always quite thought provoking.

  • Stephanie b

    never a dull moment!

  • Jacquie H

    I love the description of the location details and the history. Great book.

  • Christopher B

    Book is too long. I enjoyed it, but got quite ponderous. I love the reader.

  • Sharon S

    Very interesting book and a great suspense drama. I'm afraid some less open-minded religious readers may not wait until the end to stop listening, but CONTINUE THROUGH IT. The very end is very uplifting. This is very thought-provoking and a great book for discussion..

  • Nancee N

    Love it Kept me riveted Listened on my way to work and back and found myself sitting in my car longer just to keep listening when I got to my destination

  • Dwight P

    Not one of Dan Brown’s better books. It seems he is going out of his way to attack Christianity.

  • Meagan K

    Excellent narration. Easy listen. Interesting concept. A typical dan brown book. Fun but not earth shattering.

  • pedro p

    De donde venimos a donde vamos. Excelente libro muy recomendado

  • Shulie K

    meaty thought provoking while a fun read/listen. great book for discussion. did not want it to end.

  • Jason C

    Loved it. Great look into what could be. Where did we come from and where are we going?

  • Maureen L

    Fast easy read. Interesting concept

  • Tiffany P

    Dan Brown comes through as always!!! Love the history and story combined. Never lets me down.

  • Charles S

    Excellent read. A must!!

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Origin: A Novel, Dan Brown
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