The Orpheus Plot

Written by:
Christopher Swiedler
Narrated by:
Josh Hurley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
9 hours 36 minutes
A rebellion in space pits one boy’s past against his future in this gripping adventure from the critically acclaimed author of In the Red! This out-of-this-world story about fighting for what’s right, chasing your dreams, and believing in yourself is perfect for fans of Kevin Emerson, Yoon Ha Lee, and D. J. MacHale.

Lucas Adebayo grew up on a small mining ship in the asteroid belt, but wants to join the Navy and become the best pilot in the galaxy. The Navy has never accepted a Belter cadet before, but Lucas’s skills secure him a place on the training ship, the Orpheus.

Life in the Navy couldn’t be more different than life in the Belt, and Lucas struggles to find his place. As a Belter, he’s an outsider among his peers; as a Navy cadet, he doesn’t quite fit in at home anymore, either. Lucas is caught between the worlds of his past and his future when a Belter rebellion puts everyone’s lives at risk. Only he can lead the way to peace.

Praise for In the Red
“It will leave you breathless.”—New York Times bestselling author D. J. MacHale
“A non-stop, pulse-pounding adventure!”—Kevin Emerson, author of Last Day on Mars
“Stunning descriptions and harrowing feats of survival.”—Booklist
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