Oskar and the Moon Rocks: Oskar's Adventures Series Book 3

Written by:
Kelly Maree
Narrated by:
Kelly Maree

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
0 hours 3 minutes
Out of the darkness, and etched into space, a star takes a breath and falls from its place, trailing a luminous light in its wake.

Oskar sits up as the light disappears, behind the old gum trees, the magic appears. Has it fallen near the dam for him to find?

What treasures have fallen from the sky for Oskar to find when he wakes up?

Follow Oskar on an adventure with Daddy to see if there really are some Moon Rocks hidden there!

Oskar and the Moon Rocks teaches children about imagination and to follow your heart when you believe in something.

Oskar's Adventure's series are rhyming based books that teach children important life lessons through lovely stories that can relate to them. A percentage of all book sales are donated to the Precious Wings and RBWH Foundations to support bereaved families.
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