Oskar and the Storm: Oskar's Adventures Series Book 2

Written by:
Kelly Maree
Narrated by:
Kelly Maree

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
0 hours 4 minutes
On a hot and humid afternoon, there's laughter in the air. The swift wind licks the tallest trees and ruffles golden hair.

The soft clouds float across the sky, and slowly turn to grey. A roaring rumble can be hear from very far away.

What is making that rumbling sound in the sky?

And why have the clouds changed colour?

What amazing things will Oskar find out about the sun and the earth?

Oskar and the Storm teaches children that feeling afraid of a storm is OK, but that the storms are needed for a reason, and explains the reasons.

Oskar's Adventure's series are rhyming based books that teach children important life lessons through lovely stories that can relate to them. A percentage of all book sales are donated to the Precious Wings and RBWH Foundations to support bereaved families.
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