Unabridged Audiobook

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October 2000
3 hours 2 minutes
From love and passion, nobility and purity to deception, tragedy and murder, this widely studied play is one of the best sellers of the Shakespearean canon.
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Although it was difficult at first to keep track of the characters because the accents were so heavy and the music at times was quite loud, I enjoyed this audiobook.

I've never read Othello, so this was my first exposure to it. I was very impressed by the performance. There are few enough characters, and the voices are each distinct enough so that I didn't get confused about who was talking. Very good delivery of a very good story. Well done.

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Kimberly Ruecker

Wonderful play, as expected! My teens "liked it so much better than Romeo and Juliet". And I thought the narration and atmosphere created by the sound effects, music and acting was superb. Highly recommended!

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The sound quality is a little off in this version. Some characters are so soft I had to turn the volume up to the max. Then other characters are so loud it would break my eardrums when they spoke. As far as interpretation and performance, I found it to be pretty good.

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This is another one of Shakespeare's great tragedies read true to text. The voices for each character are noticably different and they address each other by name frequently so it is easy to follow the characters. Not much more to say, this is a great, very sad story.

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