Out of the Shadows

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2013
12 hours 18 minutes
Kay Hooper's flair for storytelling and her broad mastery of genre are apparent in her electrifying novels. Her many works include modern and historical romances, fantasies, mysteries, gothic novels, and, like Out of the Shadows, suspense thrillers featuring psychic ability. The small, friendly town of Gladstone, Tennessee seems the ideal place to raise a family-until two teenagers are found tortured to death. Sheriff Miranda Knight will do anything to make her small town safe again, even if it means calling in Noah Bishop, the FBI's psychic profiler. The last time she and Noah combined their psychic powers, she was almost destroyed. Now she must learn to trust him again, or she will most certainly die at the hands of the monster who's stalking her town. Narrator C.J. Critt breathes life into the beautiful psychic sheriff with paranormal powers and transforms this exciting blend of romance, mystery, and suspense into an exciting listening experience.
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Carol B.

I really enjoy listening to this series, though I haven’t started at the beginning. I let myself be guided by the reviews, including the narration. Despite the 3star narration review I started this. I found the narration good and was glad I ignored the stars. I really enjoy the paranormal, and this title didn’t disappoint. I can highly recommend both storyline and narration.

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Kay Hooper always tell a good story.

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