The Outsider: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Anthony Franze

Narrated By: Robert Petkoff

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Date: March 2017

Duration: 9 hours 36 minutes


Things arent going well for Grayson Hernandez. Just graduated from a fourth-tier law school, hes drowning in student debt. The only job he can find is as a messenger at the Supreme Court, where hes forced to watch the best and the brightest from the outside the elite group of lawyers who serve as the justices law clerks.

When Gray intervenes in a violent mugging, he finds himself in the good graces of the victim: the Chief Justice of the United States. Gray soon finds himself the newest and unlikeliest law clerk at the Supreme Court. Its another world: highbrow debates over justice and the law in the inner sanctum of the nations highest court; upscale dinners with his new friends; attention from Lauren, the lead clerk whom he cant stop thinking about.

But just as Gray begins to settle in to his new life, FBI Special Agent Emma Milstein approaches him with an offer. Convinced that a murderer is on the loose, the FBI wants Grey to be their eyes and ears on the inside.

Gray begins looking into the private lives of his fellow law clerks and justices. Just when he thinks hes uncovered a link between all the killings, the authorities turn their sights on him. Helped by Samantha and his boyhood-friend-turned-criminal, Arturo, Gray must uncover the murderer before they strike again in The Outsider, a thrilling high-stakes story of power and revenge by Washington by D.C. lawyer-turned-author Anthony Franze.


  • Rochelle R

    Couldn't put the book down!