Overcome Anxiety in Relationships: How to Eliminate Negative Thinking, Jealousy, Attachment, and Couple Conflicts—Insecurity and Fear of Abandonment Often Cause Irreparable Damage Without Therapy

Written by:
Lilly Andrew
Narrated by:
Lilly Andrew

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
1 hour 15 minutes
You love your partner and you can’t wait to see them. But, sometimes, something happens and you get into a fight over small, insignificant things.
It gets exhausting and you don’t even remember why you were arguing in the first place. It sounds silly because you love this person. But there will be times when you are not sure what is happening between you two.
This is not uncommon.
Because of a lack of clear communication, negativity, anxiety, and even jealousy can sneak in without you noticing. Despite being perfect for each other, allowing all these negative emotions compound can ruin your relationship slowly and surely.
In Lily Andrew’s new book, “Overcome Anxiety in Relationships”, she reveals how to spot all those negative feelings and turn them around, so that you can evolve your relationship into a loving and nurturing one. One in which both of you are able to support each other and grow together. There are specific patterns that she noticed and perfectly illustrated, so you can spot and eliminate them with ease.
Inside this book, you will learn how to:
• Thrive in a Nurturing Relationship by growing together as individuals while removing negative patterns, anxiety, and jealousy
• Develop Clear Communication about any topic without feeling insecure or judged by the other person for your feelings and emotions
• Resolve Past Issues that have occurred regarding money, former partners, and untold secrets that you keep from each other
If you have already tried solving your issues by yourself and it still didn’t work, or if you already went through a book that simply points out your negative behaviors without providing any real-world solutions, don’t worry. You never had a proper map to show you how to solve it. This book gives you a precise action plan, so that you and your partner can thrive in your relationship for better or for worse.
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Donna S.

Such a valuable resource, each chapter is full of lots of helpful information and advice

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Stephen M.

Great book, if you feel insecure in your relationships this audiobook will give you tools and exercises to stop habits.

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Sarah W.

A great source of learning where you will emerge a stronger individual or couple. Absolutely incredible

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Ryan B.

A very practical and helpful audiobook. Providing really practical support and advice.

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Kim W.

Most people have some form of anxiety in at some point in their life, which can be terrifying, and frustrating for a partner, this book provides the help needed to understand.

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Justin C.

This audiobook inspires me.

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Jacob O.

An absolutely fantastic book. I regularly listen to parts of this book and is my go to when I'm feeling a little anxious

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Helene H.

Provides insight into communicating in relationships. There is so much important information in this audiobook. I was impressed how useful it is.

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Amy L.

This book helps with anxiety in relationships whether it be you suffering or your partner, it gives ideas on how to help you, your partner or friend.

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Craig H.

I have learned so many things about Anxiety in Relationship. Great book

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