Pale Kings and Princes

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Robert B. Parker

Narrated By: Michael Prichard

Publisher: Random House (Audio)

Date: July 2009

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes


Ebullient entertainment.' Time

A hotshot reporter is dead. He'd gone to take a look-see at 'Miami North' little Wheaton, Massachusetts the biggest cocaine distribution center above the Mason-Dixon line.

Did the kid die for getting too close to the truth . . . or to a sweet lady with a jealous husband?

Spenser will stop at nothing to find out.

Praise for Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels

'Like Philip Marlowe, Spenser is a man of honor in a dishonorable world. When he says he will do something, it is done. The dialogues zings, and there is plenty of action . . . but it is the moral element that sets them above most detective fiction.' Newsweek

'Crackling dialogue, plenty of action and expert writing . . . Unexpectedly literate [Spenser is] in many respects the very exemplar of the species.' The New York Times

'They just don 't make private eyes tougher or funnier.' People

'Parker has a recorder 's ear for dialogue, an agile wit . . . and, strangely enough, a soupçon of compassion hidden under that sardonic, flip exterior.' Los Angeles Times

'A deft storyteller, a master of pace.' The Philadelphia Inquirer

'Spenser probably had more to do with changing the private eye from a coffin-chaser to a full-bodied human being than any other detective hero.' The Chicago Sun-Times

'[Spenser is] tough, intelligent, wisecracking, principled, and brave.' The New Yorker

From the Paperback edition.