Parable of the Talents

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2007
15 hours 30 minutes
Best-selling author Octavia E. Butler's acclaimed novels have won numerous awards, and she is a recipient of a 'genius' grant from the MacArthur Foundation. Parable of the Talents was selected as one of the best books of the year by Publishers Weekly. Environmental devastation and economic chaos have turned America into a land of horrifying depravity. Assault, theft, sexual abuse, slavery, and murder are commonplace. Taking advantage of the situation, a zealous, bigoted tyrant wins his way into the White House. Directly opposed is Lauren Olamina, founder of Earthseed--a new faith that teaches 'God Is Change.' Persecuted for 'heathen' beliefs as much as for having a black female leader, Earthseed's followers face a life-and-death struggle to preserve their vision. Butler's fluid writing and keen observations about race, gender, politics, and religion make for a moving parable that will be pondered for generations. A powerful reading from three standout narrators captures the multi-generational sweep of this poignant tale.
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Tammy Berrie

This book is terrifying. Scariest stories of all are the monstrous things humans do to humans - these tales depict us as infinitely more evil than some monster from outer space! I hate to sound dystopian, but I fear we may be headed in this direction. I preferred the original narrator for Lauren Oya Olamina (Lynne Thigpen as she held me spellbound throughout Parable of the Sower), but, as we know we must deal with change.

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The main narrators voice was fine…but it seems that she never had her lunch beforehand. You could always hear her stomach growling, lips smacking, spit swallowing….it was weird. I had never heard that in an audiobook before! It did make the listening experience quite unpleasant. Powerful book though! Glad I downloaded but I hope another version is available on other platforms.

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This was a good follow up to Parable of the Sower. I had a hard time reading this book. Listening to the narrator was better but it took a long time to get to the “point” and I found myself distracted easily. I don’t think I would have liked it as a stand alone book. I was interested in how the characters ‘grew‘ unfortunately it wasn’t much.

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Brandon R.

good detail and nice ending, though it is frustrating. multiple narrators was used well.

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Although I didn't find this as engaging as the first one, this was impressive. Most apocalyptic themed books have similar brutality and savagery but somehow this was even worse for me. Maybe humans are naturally evil after all. Great book anyone should read!

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Lester L.

she can't do wrong. i love how her energy truly still rolls through the earth after her passing, like earthseed.

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Very harrowing read, this book will become more pertinent as the days go by. Beatiful narrator, cannot recommend it enough.

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Aly T.

i enjoyed this audiobook.

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Melanie B.

Underwhelming sequel. It was predicatbel, but interesting enough to keep me listening. I severely disliked the narrator of Asha/Larken. She sounded like she was narrating an erotica novel and it creeped me out- I couldn’t wait until her parts were over.

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