A Parody Outline of History

Written by:
Donald Ogden Stewart
Narrated by:
Joe Bevilacqua

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
3 hours 9 minutes
A Parody Outline of History is hilarious but scathing anti-war satire of The Outline of History (1920) by H. G. Wells, written by Donald Ogden Stewart, in the styles of popular authors of the day, and first published in 1921 only a year after World War I ended.

This ear-popping audio dramatization was produced and voiced by Joe Bevilacqua (aka Joe Bev)—enhanced with music and sound effects—in the style of the popular performers of 1920s and 30s, including The Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, Jack Benny, W.C. Fields, Gary Cooper, and John Wayne.

Stories in this set:

1. CRISTOFER COLOMBO: A Comedy of DiscoveryWritten in the manner of James Branch CabellPerformed in the manner of a Marx Brother movieCast of CharactersNarrator: Paul FreesCristofer Columbo: Chico MarxRusty the Sorcerer: Harpo MarxKing Ferdinand: Groucho MarxQueen Isabella: Margaret Dumont

2. MAIN STREET: Plymouth, MassWritten in the manner of Sinclair LewisPerformed in the manner of a Laurel and Hardy movieCast of CharactersNarrator: Paul FreesPricilla: Zasu PittsKennicut: James FinlaysonMiles Standish: Stan LaurelJohn Alden: Oliver HardyManager of Heaven: Oliver HardyDrunk: Arthur HousmanFriend: Edgar KennedyHeaven Reporter: Walter Winchell

3. THE COURTSHIP OF MILES STANDISHWritten in the manner of F. Scott FitzgeraldPerformed in the manner of a Laurel and Hardy movieCast of CharactersNarrator: Paul FreesMiles Standish: Stan LaurelJohn Alden: Oliver HardyPricilla: Zasu PittsAuntie Brewster: Billie Burke

4. THE SPIRIT OF ‘75: Letters of a Minute ManWritten in the manner of Ring LardnerPerformed in the manner of The Jack Benny ShowCast of CharactersMinute Man: Jack BennyWife: Mary LivingstoneDriver: RochesterWaiter: Frank NelsonTea Party Indian: Dennis Day,Tea Party Indian: Don Wilson,Bystander: Fred AllenEnglish Horse: Mel BlancDrunken Singers: Mel Blanc with The Sportsman Quartet

5. THE WHISKY REBELLIONWritten in the manner of a bedtime story Manner of Thornton W. BurgessPerformed in the manner of a W.C. Fields movieCast of CharactersStoryteller: W.C. FieldsAunt Polly: Mae WestJed: Walter BrennanAssorted Drunken Yodeling Children with Guns

6. HOW LOVE CAME TO GENERAL GRANTWritten in the manner of Harold Bell WrightPerformed in the manner of a Frank Capra movieCast of CharactersNarrator: Paul FreesGeneral Ulysses S. Grant: Gary CooperGeraldine Rhinelander: Olivia De HavillandMrs. Rhinelander: Emma DunnElla Flowers: Katherine HepburnMrs. Vandergriff: Margaret DumontReverend: Charles RugglesDrunk #1: Arthur HousmanDrunk #2: W.C. FieldsThe Crippled Newsboy: Jackie Cooper

7. CUSTER’S LAST STANDWritten in the manner of Edith WhartonPerformed in the manner of a John Ford movieCast of CharactersNarrator: Paul FreesPhilip Custer: John WayneGeneral George Custer: Walter BrennanMary Custer: Maureen O’HaraLittle GeorgeLittle MaryFrench Waiter

8. FOR THE FREEDOM OF THE WORLD: A Drama of the Great WarAct I—Written in the manner of Mary Raymond Shipman AndrewsAct 2—Written in the manner of Eugene O’NeillPerformed in the manner of a Laurel and Hardy movie (directed by Preston Sturges)Cast of CharactersNarrator: Paul FreesAmerican Soldiers: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Ned SparksAmerican Lieutenant Edmund Kockenlocker: William DemarestPrussian Soldiers: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Leon AskinEllen Ratzkywatsky: Betty HuttonMrs. Finlayson: Esther HowardThe Landlady: Mary CarrAngels: Zasu Pitts, W.C. Fields, Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Jack Benny, Gary Cooper, John Wayne, Arthur HousmanConstruction Site Foreman: Billy Bletcher
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