Part 8 of The Ultimate Book on Yoga: Is there a mind beyond the brain ?

Part 8 of The Ultimate Book on Yoga: Is there a mind beyond the brain ?

Written by:
Dr. King , Swami Satyapriya
Narrated by:
Dr. King
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
1 hour 6 minutes
Conventional scientific view is that of seeing the mind as 'brain in action'. This view may be OK in objectively verifying some initial stages of Yogic experiences, but we get stuck beyond a point. That could be due to our current understanding of the brain, or it could be due to the limitations of our gadgets, but most importantly it could be due to our misconception that brain and mind are two faces of the same coin.The mind may be beyond the confines of the brain. This part explores the possibility of mind being something beyond what brain is. It looks at several scientific evidences as well as ancient philosophic systems to understand the mind in its full potential.Overview of 'The Ultimate book on Yoga'In this highly insightful book, the author gives a thorough re-look into the actual underlying principles of Yoga and presents Yoga in terms of simple, practicable, down-to-earth instructions, free of mysticism, while analyzing each aspect scientifically,based on recent advancements in neuroscience.

Some of the aspects dealt by this book include

Let us know Yoga better

1. Brain science that helps in understanding Yoga

2. How to minimize stress?

3. How do Yoga postures improve health?

4. How to sharpen mental concentration?

5. How to meditate?

6. What happens when you meditate?

7. Is there a mind beyond our brain? (current part)

8. What is the ultimate goal of Yoga?
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