The Party

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Elizabeth Day

Narrated By: Greg Wagland, Stephanie Racine

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers UK

Date: July 2017

Duration: 10 hours 37 minutes


'Think meets with a dash of ' Louise O'Neill, author of Martin Gilmour and Ben Fitzmaurice have been best friends for 25 years, since their days together at Burtonbury School.They are an unlikely pair: the scholarship boy with the wrong accent and clothes, and the dazzlingly popular, wealthy young aristocrat. But Martin knows no one else can understand the bond they share - and no one else could have kept Ben's secret for over two decades.At Ben's 40th birthday party, the cream of the British establishment gathers in a haze of champagne, drugs and glamour. Amid the politicians, the celebrities, the old money and newly rich, Martin once again feels that pang of not-quite belonging. His wife, Lucy, has her reservations too. There is something unnerving in the air.But Ben wouldn't do anything to damage their friendship.Would he?