Past Imperfect

Written by:
Julian Fellowes
Narrated by:
Richard Morant

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2009
16 hours 40 minutes
Damian Baxter is hugely wealthy and dying. He lives alone in a big house in Surrey, England, looked after by a chauffeur, butler, cook, and housemaid. He has but one concern—his fortune in excess of five hundred million and who should inherit it on his death. Past Imperfect is the story of a quest. Damian Baxter wishes to know if he has a living heir. By the time he married in his late thirties he was sterile (the result of adult mumps), but what about before that unfortunate illness? Had he sired a child? He sets himself (and others) to the task of finding his heir.
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Firstname L.

Slow build to a poignant, engrossing and bittersweet tale of love lost and found with all the British upper class social details of a past era (here the late 1960s) of which the author is a recognized master. I wasn’t sure I was going to love it until a couple chapters in and then I was hooked. The narrator of this audiobook is first class!!!

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