[Mandarin] - 跟Paul Noble学英语––初级版 – Learn English for Beginners with Paul Noble, Simplified Chinese Edition: 附普通话教学录音及可免费下载的手册

Narrated by:
Megan Gage

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
8 hours 50 minutes
无论您过去是否有英语学习的经验,本课程都可以让您跟销量过百万的个人语言教师Paul Noble学会快速、自信地说英语。



Paul Noble花多年时间设计自己的独特语言学习方法,摒弃传统的语法学习和死记硬背,大大减轻了语言学习的压力。他使用该方法建立了自己的语言学院,培养成千上万的学生取得了成功。


Whatever your experience of learning English, this is the course to get you speaking English quickly, confidently, and with no chance of failure, with 1-million-bestselling language coach Paul Noble.

Native-speaking British and US language experts will help you to perfect your pronunciation as you progress through the course.

You will learn a huge range of vocabulary in no time at all and be able to quickly make your new knowledge work for you in a variety of everyday scenarios. An essential downloadable booklet is included to use as a reference and revision tool as you work through the course.

Paul Noble spent years devising his own unique method of learning languages which cuts out all the grammar, all the memorisation, and all the stress. He began using his method to teach in his Language Institute and, thousands of students later, he prides himself on never having had a student fail.
The accompanying booklet is also available here: http://collinsdictionary.com/resources#english.
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