Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Michael R. Drew, Roy H. Williams

Narrated By: Michael R. Drew

Publisher: Tantor Media

Date: October 2012

Duration: 5 hours 14 minutes


From New York Times bestselling author and speaker Roy H. Williams and business guru Michael R. Drew comes a revolutionary book outlining the surprising societal phenomenon that unlocks the secrets to success in the worlds of business, politics, advertising, entertainment, and more.

Politics, manners, humor, sexuality, wealth, even our definitions of success are periodically renegotiated based on the new values society chooses to use as a lens to judge what is acceptable.

Are these new values randomly chosen or is there a pattern? Pendulum chronicles the stuttering history of western society; that endless back-and-forth swing between one excess and another, always reminded of what we left behind.

There is a pattern and it is forty years: 2003 was a fulcrum year, as was 1963, its opposite.

Pendulum explains where we have been as a society, how we got here, and where we are headed. If you would benefit from a peek into the future, you would do well to listen to this book.


  • mark Bianchi

    Some interesting points made in this book. I really like the way that the author is able to demonstrate these 80-year cycles that have happened throughout human history. My only criticism is that it is heavy on dates and facts and needs to spend more time on how it relates to today and the future.

  • chad wiersma

    Interesting book, especially if your interested in historical patterns