Perfect Angel

Written by:
Seth Margolis
Narrated by:
Edward Lewis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2010
9 hours 51 minutes
Tough, beautiful and independent, Julia Mallet feels her life is nearly perfect. She holds a high-profile executive position in an important advertising firm. She is raising a beautiful little daughter, Emily, without the inconvenience of a husband. And she has six old and dear friends who are closer to her than family. And now 'The Madison Seven' have come together once again to celebrate her thirty-fifth birthday - to eat, to drink...and to bring back a past that should have been left dead and forgotten. Because a maniac has left a calling card behind that only Julia Mallet can read: the result of a post-hypnotic suggestion inadvertently lodged in six subconscious minds...the dark residue of a harmless party game gone terribly wrong. And now she knows without a question that one of her six dearest friends is a murderer...who will be coming after Julia next.
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