Perfect Ice

Perfect Ice

Written by:
Nicholas Mizet
Narrated by:
David Marcus
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
8 hours 0 minutes
Erik Thorvald was drafted into the army ten days after graduating from college. He went in with an open mind to learn and get along with a cross section of American young men who were mentally and physically acceptable yet represented a wide variety of intelligence and personalities. He found the experience to be interesting and oftentimes very funny. Of course most draftees knew they were heading to the Nam after 8 weeks of basic training followed by a like number of weeks in Advanced Infantry Training (AIT). In short, Erik was destined to be a grunt with the MOS of 11B20--light weapons infantry.

Arriving in Vietnam in January of 1969, friendships were helpful in surviving as he went up-country near the Parrot's Beak not far from the Cambodian border. The reality of war sets in and he is soon enough exposed to the crap shoot of fatalism and the playing for keeps in brutal conflict. He reflects on how he ever ended up in such an existential fix and relives his life growing up in the Midwest in flashbacks to make any sense of life up to now.

Erik resolves to 'get out of himself' and meet head-on whatever is thrown at him. In a chance meeting at a book store in a Central Highlands city, he meets a beautiful Vietnamese woman and falls in love. Although very difficult to maintain such a relationship, where there's a will there's a way and eventually Erik returns to Vietnam for its resolution accompanied by capture and postwar re-education camps where Erik's resourcefulness is called upon once again.

Unlike many novels of this genre, Perfect Ice depicts changes in Vietnam when the Americans left up to the present day. It is based on extensive travel throughout this enigmatic country during four different trips.
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