The Perricone Prescription

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Nicholas Perricone

Narrated By: Nicholas Perricone

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: August 2002

Duration: 2 hours 52 minutes


We generally believe that lines and wrinkles are an unavoidable part of the aging process. According to Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone, they are actually due to "inflammation" caused by poor nutrition, pollution, sunlight, irritating skin care treatments, and stress. In fact, this type of inflammation is more than just a beauty problem. The production of free radicals that damage the cells and organs in the body also increases the likelihood of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

The good news is, the Perricone Prescription Program can prevent and even reverse these problems. The program will not only produce visible improvement in the skin, it will improve your body's overall health and appearance. Dr. Perricone has developed his own skin care products and recommends other products he believes will help to improve skin tone. By following the Perricone Program of diet, topical creams, vitamins, and exercise, you can dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles and achieve a younger look within three days. You will look and feel better than you ever thought possible. Good health and beautiful skin–an unbeatable combination.


  • Anonymous

    It was well worth listening and downloading. I plan to share it with my friends, so they are more aware of food they eat. The book gives you a comprehensive approach to foods, suplements and aging. There was a lot in this book that I heard before, but never really understood how it fits into a bigger picture of diet, health and aging. I'm planning to follow the recommendations of Dr Perricone.

  • Debbie Moffitt

    There just wasn't anything to exciting about this book. I didn't take away anything new.

  • John Riedl

    I thought the book was so interesting I rented it again for my mother.

  • Anonymous

    Because of all of the scientific terms and detailed menus, this book is too difficult to listen to - I would recommend reading it instead. The content was good.