Persephone's Choice

Written by:
Yihan Sim
Narrated by:
Leonie Koh
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
5 hours 7 minutes
What if the gods were condemned to immortality due to the continued storytelling by mortals? What if Hades met Persephone in contemporary Singapore? Would their story still arrive at its age-old conclusion?

As far as she knows, Sophie is an ordinary florist living an ordinary mortal life in Singapore whilst caring for an aged mother suffering from dementia. One day, a peculiar man with the same name as the ancient Greek god of the Underworld crashes into her life and falls heavier and heavier in her debt. Sophie tries to help him recover from amnesia and get back on his feet, while in the meantime, arranging for him to work for room and board at her flower shop. As time goes by, she grows accustomed to his company. She becomes unsure if she actually wants him to quickly pay off his debt and step out of her life just as abruptly as he had arrived…

Absurd, comedic, and tender at the same time, this whimsical variation of the classic Greek myth will not fail to amuse and delight.

Born and bred in Singapore, Yihan Sim debuted her first novel 'Fear of the Guest' in 2020. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Philosophy in 2015. Her research interests include ancient Greek philosophy, classical Chinese philosophy and Zen Buddhist philosophy.

Absurd, comedic, and tender at the same time, this whimsical variation of the classic Greek myth will not fail to amuse and delight.

© 2021 by Yihan Sim. Published in paper format in Singapore by Marshall Cavendish International Asia, recorded by Storyside 2021.
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Anne D.

Overall, I thought the story was so cute and darling. The semi-ending... meh.... but the rest was cute. The facts around the hinted-at covid??... Really NOT correct. Face masks, by admission of the US government itself FINALLY, did not and does not, make any difference in stopping the spread of covid. In fact, because people constantly touch old, reused face masks, it actually HELPS to spread disease. Sadly, face masks were used as a political rallying tool by the liberal left. You physically cannot read the expressions on a person's face when they are wearing a face mask. The smile does NOT "come thru" the opaque mask, nor is it clear from the eyes alone or even tone of voice, that a person is smiling or frowning etc. Face masks were a huge impediment to the hearing impaired and the deaf, indeed to communications even among unimpaired persons. The use of face masks and the social isolation feel they caused, in addition to the imposed-governmental physical "social" isolation (an oxymoron), helped to cause countless suicides. We cannot romanticize the hugely deleterious impacts of the political decisions to enforce face mask use and social isolation. People die from flu complications all the time, but they are not counted as the primary cause of death, as covid was... the "millions" of people who died is a fallacy. The covid virus has been around for thousands of years, and will continue to be around for thousands of years. We never kept numbers on covid complications before, so any numbers now are certainly going to be higher than nothing, and counting every death that may or may not have had "covid" associated with it (motor cycle accident with covid, or heart failure with covid, etc) create meaningless covid death counts. A virus that kills it's host immediately has no hope of spreading, thus viruses that are highly deadly usually die out very quickly with their hosts. A virus that mutates to a milder form, allows the host to live, and thus gets spread more easily than any deadly virus does. After the initial engineered covid strain that came out of a Wuhan lab (that also had funding by the US government under Fauci) the engineered-covid was a threat only to those who had 2.5 pre-existing conditions.... the very old and the very young... in the same way that RSV and the flu are a big threat to these populations.

I liked this book! Greek mythology meets the center of the pandemic. It doesn’t delve deep into mythology but just enough so it doesn’t convolute the story. I thought it was very clever and worth the wait for the ending. Thanks!

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Mojgan B.

Interesting setting in Singapore. Interesting premise.

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Stephanie P.

I LOVED this story. As someone who appreciates beyond measure a reclaiming of patriarchal storytelling myths, I found the portrayal of Persephone and Hades nourishing and reinvigorating. (Especially as someone going thru significant Pluto transits, if ya get me). Some lovely bits of wisdom written with cheeky approachability and fun characters. 4/5 stars bc I genuinely wanted it to be longer and the end felt rushed. I would reread :)

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Enjoyed the narrator and story.

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Marian C.

Interesting story.

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Suzan A.

Narrator is extreme annoying.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this book, narration was wonderful. Storyline was not too heavy and not too frivolous. Great listen!

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Sweet story with an old time feel of sitting down to hear an elder tell of a people’s legend.

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Thank goodness this was free.

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