The Phoenix Requiem

The Phoenix Requiem

Written by:
Richard L. Sanders
Narrated by:
Matthew Ebel
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
17 hours 55 minutes
Senseless butchery on a colossal scale. That’s the hallmark of the Dread Fleet wherever it goes. No force has ever been able to stop it, and now it threatens the Empire, the Queen, and humanity itself. Queen Kalila must organize a defense against it, calling on friends and foes alike. Meanwhile, Calvin and his crew venture urgently into the untold, unknown dangers of Forbidden Space, hoping to get answers from the deadliest and strangest Polarians of all. Answers that could help the humans save their Empire—and themselves—before it’s too late. And all is lost forever. It’s a desperate move, Calvin knows, and one that very likely will kill him and all his friends.
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a good story but too much filler and waffle. I found it frustrating waiting for him to get on with the story instead of listening to all the filler.

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Shawn Miller

The story is good, but there ate several character internal monologs that are very long. It helps to provide insight into the situation, but they seemed to be draw out. Other than that, I enjoyed how the series concluded.

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Fantastic series!

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Loved this series of books and the narrator is fantastic but this last book did seem a bit long and drawn out

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Jash B.

Such a waste of time. Really dissapointing! Skipped through entire chapters..

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Sooo much fluff. Though a good story this could be condensed down to three books. The author fills page after page by describing over and over someone’s hair or eyes etc. I will never again buy a long series or a book by this author.

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though a lot of kind of boring dialogue, the ending was great. I’d recommend this series to anyone. It’s comparable to I think mass effect game series or early years of Star Trek. Narrator is exceptional

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Thomas J.

The final book of this great story ❤️

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Terry S.

Loved the story, however, to much filler. I agree with Irene H.

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Gabriel B.

Very long winded. Very invested in unimportant characters. Written in a way that feels extremely condescending to the reader. During the battle (which, by all accounts, was handled in ways that really didn't make much sense strategically) the information given is arbitrary and useless to even understand what is going on. Lots of red dots and blue there are less. that's about all the detail that can be actually followed. The cover art for the book ruined the ending. Although it's conclusion was..unsatisfying. After 6 previous books, you do not need to remind me about Christine, or Rane (Rain?), or Reznak being formally of Calahar. Also Cal has to be the dumbest smart person in there universe, along with every important character in the series. Always asking questions that they as people from those positions, in that universe SHOULD know..and that we as readers obviously know already as well. Calling women in authority positions, "Sir" is not woke or socially evolved. If anything it feels like one more higher pedastool men have procured over women by making masculine respect universal and non exclusive to gender. Also also, and this one I can't stress this one enough, in reference to this entire series,........ Mags (magazines) and clips are not interchangeable words!! Clips hold rounds. you slide them off the clips and push them, one by one, into the mag, which is then inserted in the "magwell" of the weapon. Pistols get mags, rifles get mags. rifle rounds come in clips of 10 lol. I very much enjoyed books one and 2, and hated the plot convenient healing of Shin. Overall, I'm just glad I'm done. Loved the world and really wanted to get lost in it, but after book 4 it really became laborsome to get through. But hey, that's just my one opinion as a reader.

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