The Phoenix Rising

The Phoenix Rising

Written by:
Richard Sanders
Narrated by:
Matthew Ebel
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
11 hours 36 minutes
As the most serious threat ever facing the galaxy now looms over them, Calvin and his crew continue their mission to expose the dark conspiracy haunting the Empire. Now a fugitive on the run, Calvin has no choice but to work alongside Raidan’s mysterious Organization. And form an alliance with a misfit band of fair-weather friends. Meanwhile, ships are vanishing with no explanation and murders are going unnoticed.
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Anung U.

good listen but lots could have been resolved faster

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Michael H.

I’m used to the narrator and both their speaking voice and pace is perfect for the book and the settings.

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Good series so far. Interesting story line. Leaves you wanting to get to the next book.

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Ryan Hill

This is an amazing series, each book has a really interesting story and you are on your seat wanting to know what happens next.

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Garrus A.

It feels like I'm watching the Expanse series and playing Mass Effect simultaneously! The narrator is also gorgeous! Love it!

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Another great book I’m already on to the next one!

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Jack S.

Enjoyable page turner, great narrator. With several conspiracies, and several other things going on (don’t want to give spoilers) I feel it’s time to quit adding things to the stew and start resolving some things.

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Very good book, narrator was exceptional and clear

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Brian M.

Narration can make or break an audiobook. This narrator does a fine job of bringing the text to life. I will continue to listen to the series.

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Too much taken from other sci-fi concepts. Feels like a Star Trek story. The narrator makes the characters seem comic-book or caricatured. I did my best to keep going but I won’t be continuing with the series.

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Carolyn O.

I enjoyed this book, as well as the first one. I am now listening to the 3rd. There are some strange occurances, such as a stealth ship that can jump thousands of mils but the soldiers use carbine.

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Well done. Good story line, exciting and great narration

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