Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Twin Sisters IP

Date: January 2013

Duration: 0 hours 29 minutes


Pre-readers easily and quickly gain an edge by listening and singing with this award-winning, best-selling album from Twin Sisters Productions. Repetition and rhythm teach the initial consonant sounds, long and short vowel sounds, and provide opportunity for review.
Track List:

1. The Consonant Song
2. The Letter ""B""
3. The Letter ""C""
4. The Letter ""D""
5. The Letter ""F""
6. Consonant Review For ""B,C,D,F""
7. The Letter ""G""
8. The Letter ""H""
9. The Letter ""J""
10. The Letter ""K""
11. Consonant Review For ""G,H,J,K""
12. The Letter ""L""
13. The Letter ""M""
14. The Letter ""N""
15. The Letter ""P""
16. Consonant Review For ""L,M,N,P""
17. The Letter ""Q""
18. The Letter ""R""
19. The Letter ""S""
20. The Letter ""T""
21. Consonant Review For ""Q,R,S,T""
22. The Letter ""V""
23. The Letter ""W""
24. The Letter ""X""
25. The Letter ""Y""
26. The Letter ""Z""
27. Consonant Review For ""V,W,X,Y,Z""
28. The Short Vowel Song
29. The Short Sound Of ""a""
30. The Short Sound Of ""e""
31. The Short Sound Of ""i""
32. The Short Sound Of ""o""
33. The Short Sound Of ""u""
34. A Short Vowel Story
35. The Long Vowel Song
36. The Long Sound Of ""a""
37. The Long Sound Of ""e""
38. The Long Sound Of ""i""
39. The Long Sound Of ""o""
40. The Long Sound Of ""u""
41. A Long Vowel Story
42. Y As A Vowel
Runtime: 28:40:00



by Twin Sisters Productions

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