The Pied Piper

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Ridley Pearson

Narrated By: Dale Hull

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: March 2007

Duration: 15 hours 33 minutes


In Seattle, they're calling him The Pied Piper - someone who comes in the night and takes children away. To newly promoted police lieutenant Lou Boldt and police psychologist Daphne Matthews, it's clear this isn't about a single lunatic or random kidnappings: these crimes are well orchestrated, well executed, and, most chilling of all, occurring in cities across the country. Boldt is the first to establish that behind the kidnappings is a well-financed and brilliantly planned network, and his investigation soon attracts the FBI, which also brings heavy manpower - and political competition - that Boldt fears could slow them down until the trail runs dry. As long as the kidnappings continue, there may be a chance of getting the children back alive. Or is it already too late?


  • Skyler

    I am not sure how this book got in my queue -- as I've never heard of this author -- but I listened to it anyway. It was somewhat enjoyable as the author covered a crime not typically written about -- kidnapping of babies. Maybe I've read/listened to too many crime/mystery novels, because I heard the piper's tune, but resisted being totally hooked by this book.

Pied Piper

by Ridley Pearson

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Pied Piper, Ridley Pearson