The Plague: Translated by Stuart Gilbert

Written by:
Albert Camus
Narrated by:
James Jenner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2006
10 hours 54 minutes
In the small coastal city of Oran, Algeria, rats begin rising up from the filth only to die as bloody heaps in the streets. Shortly after, an outbreak of the bubonic plague erupts and envelops the human population. Albert Camus' The Plague is a brilliant and haunting rendering of human perseverance and futility in the face of a relentless terror born of nature.
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Jacqueline H.

Everyone should read this now. And don't worry about the rating given the narrator. His delivery was perfect for the gravity of the story.

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Jon E.

Read this in high school and have not thought about it in almost 50 years! Read something recently that talked about it in the context of the pandemic and our various ways of dealing with it. With that in mind, this listen was incredibly insightful and spot on. How a town learns to accept it, live with it, work together and then how it all can unravel … sadly, sounds all too familiar.

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Tyler Minus

He included too long of pauses between sentences and paragraphs sometimes. But he did not fault on any word or sentence. I'll take the pauses if the reading is done well, as it truly is here. He puts suspense into it, if I have to comment on the pauses.

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P G.

This was a gripping book, but if the plague was an allegory about the Nazi occupation, then the message of "just sit tight and wait it out" is problematic.

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