Plain Choice

Written by:
Sarah Price
Narrated by:
Amy McFadden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2016
10 hours 50 minutes
Amanda’s husband, Cuban pop star Alejandro, believed he was doing right by his wife when he left her on her parents’ farm in the familiar shelter of Lancaster’s Amish community. Amanda, however, has other ideas. Unwilling to sit idly by and hide from the paparazzi, she follows her husband to Europe for the start of his world tour to find out if their marriage can be saved once and for all.

When the two reunite, it’s plain to see that their love is stronger than their differences. But as they travel together, Amanda is surprised to discover that her own fame is beginning to match her husband’s. Now she must struggle to bridge her Amish upbringing and a new, unasked-for role in the public eye. As other unexpected tensions challenge their bond, can Amanda and Alejandro keep their promises and make space for her faith, his fame, and a growing love?
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Julie Murphy

The series of 5 books was excellent. I enjoyed it so much. They were a little sexier than what I was use to but not to much and they were married. The ending was good. The narrator was wonderful ,she is very talented. Thank you Sarah Price I am a fan.

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