Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Stuart Gibbs

Narrated By: Gibson Frazier

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: April 2014

Duration: 6 hours 42 minutes


School bully and mean-spirited prankster Vance Jessup won't leave Teddy alone. And once he finds out Teddy lives at FunJungle, Vance decides to rope him in to one of his awful pranks. The plan? To drop mannequin limbs into the brand-new shark exhibit.

When the prank goes as you might expect--bloodcurdling screams, terrified zoogoers, and lots of vomit--the head of zoo security, Large Marge, is hot on Teddy's heels. Teddy sneaks inside the koala exhibit to hide until things blow over.

But the next day, when the zoo discovers the koala is missing, Teddy is the only person caught on security cameras going in and out of the exhibit--and the blame is immediately placed on him.

Can Teddy avoid arrest and find the real culprit before he's sent off to juvie?