Poison Pill

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Glenn Kaplan

Narrated By: Stephen R. Thorne

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: October 2013

Duration: 12 hours 23 minutes


After years of struggle, Emma Conway is living the dream—a happy second marriage and a great career. She is the driving force behind Acordinol, a hugely successful painkiller that has pharmaceutical giant Percival & Baxter riding high.

But her dream becomes a nightmare when a Wall Street raider threatens her company with a hostile takeover. Worse, the raider is no ordinary cutthroat; it’s her ex-husband Josh Katz, father of their sixteen-year-old son. P&B goes for a “poison pill” defense. But when a mysteriously tainted batch of Acordinol starts killing people, including P&B’s CEO, Emma is put in command just as the price of the firm’s once blue-chip stock goes into free fall.

As Emma struggles to win at her ex’s dangerous game, she discovers that nothing is as it appears; she faces secrets hidden within secrets. The big one is that Josh’s ploy is backed by a Russian oligarch whose half-billion-dollar loan rescued Josh after the subprime collapse. The Russian wants the holy grail of pharmaceuticals—the first Viagra for women.

At the same time, a secret romance between Emma’s son and the oligarch’s estranged daughter puts the young people in the crosshairs.

Emma faces the fight of her life—to save her family, her company, and everything she loves.

“High suspense, big money, romance, murder, very good storytelling—who could ask for anything more?”—James Patterson, #1 New York Times bestselling author


Poison Pill

by Glenn Kaplan

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Poison Pill, Glenn Kaplan