Politics & Society in 20th Century America Series: (10 lectures)

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Eugene Lieber

Narrated By: Eugene Lieber

Publisher: IAB Inc.

Date: June 2006

Duration: 0 hours 45 minutes


Politics & Society in 20th Century America

Progressive Era, Part 1. Selected theme: Teddy Roosevelt as ”Trust Buster” – the image and the reality

Progressive Era, Part 2. Selected theme: In the Jim Crow era, the sharply contrasting views for African-Americans advocated by Booker T. Washington, who comes from a rural South background, and W. E. B. Du Bois, who is urban and highly educated.

Roaring 20s, Part 1. Selected theme: The immigrants who come by the millions since the late 1800s as cheap labor for the factories are from south and eastern Europe. They are very different from typical Americans, and despised.

Roaring 20s, Part 2. Selected theme: Combination of heroes. There is Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, but also, Benito Mussolini who thwarts radicals and who represents order.

Depression 30s & World War, Part 1. Selected theme: Why is it so crucial to understand that it is WWII that ended the Great Depression, and not the New Deal programs?

Depression 30s & World War, Part 2. Selected theme: Why the Russian Revolution has no chance of being duplicated here during this time.

Hot War, Cold War. Selected theme: Contrary to common belief, the Cold War is started by the Truman administration.

Activist 60s, Part 1. Selected theme: How does TV enter into the JFK-Nixon presidential campaign in a fundamental way?

Activist 60s, Part 2. Selected theme: How is the Women's movement a threat to men and many women,
as the Equal Rights Amendment is rejected?

The Reagan 80s. Selected theme: What is the enormous effect of the rightward shift of the entire political spectrum, and what is the psychological impact of the great rapidity of change caused by technology?

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Politics & Society in 20th Century America Series: (10 lectures)

by Eugene Lieber

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Politics & Society in 20th Century America Series: (10 lectures), Eugene Lieber