Written by:
Garrison Keillor
Narrated by:
Garrison Keillor

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2007
8 hours 23 minutes
It’s Lake Wobegon as you’ve imagined it: a tightly knit community that sometimes draws you home and sometimes gives you wings to fly away.
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Philip H.

Relatable story for Baby Boomer and Depression Baby generations of lives lived and dreams and regrets. I enjoyed the story and the author reading it.

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Jill S.

Not my cup of tea. I have no idea what happened in this story. I kept thinking it would come together and didn’t feel like it did.

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Tamara L.

What a great story. Garrison Keillor is an incredible storyteller. And he can narrate beautifully as it’s his own yarn to spin. I wish there were 100 more stories just like this to listen to.

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Alan M.

Fun read ... beautifully written and narrated.

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Patti C.

Good listening

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always liked G. K.

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Nancy W.

In these times of trouble to be able to listen and laugh, can’t ask for more!

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Lynda D.

Wonderful story, beautifully read by the author. What a great character Evelyn was. Thoroughly recommend this. One word of advice - best not to listen to the description of the memorial service by the lake in public - it had me laughing out loud.

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Myfanwy A.

I love his lyrical voice. I have a yearning to live in Woebegone preferably near the lake.

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Alan M.

The memorial service at the lake shows off one of the best ever story tellers. I have never laughed so hard and long.

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Woodie T.

a perfect example of Mr Keillor's wit,imagination and vocabulary. I would even bet its he playing the piano in the enterludes. a very humorous and entertaining read or listen !

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His voice puts me to SLEEP...Deep SLEEP

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Wonderful, funny, heartbreaking, inspiring - all of these apply. Think of the best Lake Wobegon stories from Keillor's monologues, with his slow Minnesotan tones; make the narrative one long story, with lots of intersecting lives and backstories; and make it a bit more adult (only a bit - like maybe PG-13) than the usual News from Lake Wobegon. Great characters, atmosphere, narration - just loved it.

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nova scotia

this is true garrison keillor, read in his quiet somewhat drowsy voice. it's delightful and full of surprises. the characters are logical to themselves and mostly to the others but when placed in the readers life, quite impossible. perhaps this is why one keeps on reading and listening to keillor.

This title is due for release on September 11, 2007.

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