The Power of Scrum, in the Real World, for the Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholder and Development Team

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Paul VII

Narrated By: Ted R. Brown

Publisher: Pashun Publishing

Date: December 2014

Duration: 1 hours 58 minutes


Scrum is a simple framework that allows us to complete projects, continuously improve and get an early return on investment. 

Whether you are a scrum master, product owner, team member, business stakeholder or simply someone who wants to understand what makes scrum tick, this book is for you 

Every chapter includes: 

1. A concise, clear explanation, giving you a firm foundation in scrum 
2. Nuggets of knowledge based on real industry experience 
3. A brief insight into everyday situations that you won't find in every scrum book. 

I write this text as a certified scrum master with experience in international blue chip companies dating back to 1999. That experience includes leading projects for the BBC, General Electric, Oracle, BSkyB, HiT Entertainment (responsible for Angelina Ballerina, Bob the builder and other titles that you love watching with your kids or siblings but won’t admit to) and Razorfish. These roles have all involved leadership on a wealth of mobile, internet TV and web software projects. I have played the role of scrum master and in the earlier years, of team lead and technical lead. I have had the privilege of running projects and rolling out working practices in market leading organisations from start to finish.