The Power of the Anointing

The Power of the Anointing

Narrated by:
William J. Rittskamp
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Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
2 hours 49 minutes
The anointing is not a hoax. It is the real power of God. God wants to use you and activate His anointing upon your life so that He can prove His power to this present generation. Many people do not go to church because it is boring. However, when they witness the power of the anointing among believers, they want to experience the power of the anointing. When the power of the Holy Spirit is present, closed doors will be opened. No place is restricted because the anointing breaks every bondage, snare, and barrier (Isaiah 10:27). Every fence and closed gate will be destroyed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Every sickness, disease and terminal illness will be cancelled by the power of the anointing. Jesus had no other power than that of the anointing. Jesus went to the place where no one else could go because the power of the anointing was upon him. There isn’t a demon that could stand before Jesus, because Jesus had the Spirit of the Lord upon him. God anointed every believer with the same anointing Jesus was anointed. It is time for you to take the power of the anointing and advance the kingdom of God with signs, wonders and miracles like Jesus did. 

About the Author

Solomon Hailu, Ph.D is Professor of Political Science at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Hailu published numerous academic books and journal articles in the area of politics and international relations. In addition, Dr. Hailu published books entitled “Experiencing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit”, “The Kingdom of God” , “Unveiling the Kingdom of God.” And “Insights Into the Kingdom of God.” Dr. Hailu and his wife, Mulu who is a professor of Electrical Engineering and a senior Electrical Engineer founded the Unshaken Kingdom Ministry in Tulsa.
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