Presentation Masters: Communication Mastery in Speeches, Meetings, and the Media

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2011
7 hours 17 minutes
Finally, a comprehensive resource to help you master speaking techniques—and some other things. Learn from the world’s legendary professional speakers as they teach you how to tell your story, deliver a public speech, combat stage fright, control non-verbals, and persuade an audience. Even with the most difficult speaking subjects, you can use humor, quotes, and statistics to highlight a point. These techniques are not theory. They are tried and true and used by speakers who earn six-digit speaking fees, including two of the top ten speakers in the world. After listening to their advice, you’ll be confident, competent, and composed for your next presentation.

In this self-paced audio series, eleven professionals share their unique perspectives on success from the podium. Even the smallest details are important, from structuring your talk and creating handouts to arranging seating and setting up microphones.

Let this program help you inspire others in meetings, training sessions, sales presentations, facilitation, mass communication venues, and even podcasts. These easy to use techniques will guarantee success in changing minds, dominating media appearances, and sharing your greatness with the world through better communication.

Contents include: Creating an Effective Presentation by Laura Stack, MBA, CSP Speak on Your Feet by Brian Tracy How to Give a Persuasive Presentation by Kimberly Alyn Overcoming Stage Fright and Delivering Riveting Presentations by Dianna Booher Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs by Scott Friedman Produce a Professional Podcast by Scott Burns Media Interview Training for Radio and TV Appearances by Lorraine Howell Power of Non-Verbal Communication by Dr. Mike Siegel Meetings: Fun & Exciting??? by Patricia Fripp How to Stay Motivated by Zig Ziglar

Bonus DVDs: How to Tell Your Story by Les Brown
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