The President's Daughter

Written by:
Nan Britton
Narrated by:
Anne Marie Lewis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
18 hours 15 minutes
Despite attempts to suppress its publication and the advertising ban placed on it, The President’s Daughter enjoyed bestseller rankings after its eventual publication in 1927. Written so that Britton could raise enough funds to support her (and Harding’s) daughter and thus argue for the true legitimacy of children born out of wedlock, this tell-all about the affair between a starry-eyed girl and the man who would eventually become the twenty-ninth president of the United States is still a fascinating and relevant read in the context of the Me Too era.

In Britton’s eyes, Harding’s a powerful, hometown hero she’s worshipped for years. In his eyes, she’s a darling waif he yearns to possess. Is she seduced by his power, his physicality, his being more than thirty years her senior? Is he drawn to her naïveté, her youth, her wide-eyed and deep trust? Britton lays it all bare in The President’s Daughter.
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