A Princess Pose: Modern Royals Series Book 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Aven Ellis

Narrated By: Andrea Emmes

Date: July 2019

Duration: 10 hours 26 minutes


A modern princess. A charming commoner. Can they hurdle tradition to find true love?

Princess Elizabeth 'Liz' of York isn't interested in a fairy tale life. Determined to use her elite platform to champion children's causes, she'd much rather raise awareness than find her prince. If only she could stop picturing one certain gardener with vivid hazel eyes . . .

When the relentless paparazzi invade her space, Liz's crush comes to her rescue and steals her heart. Tossing aside centuries of tradition for something real, she takes Roman's calloused hand and braces for the backlash. But after her progressive approach ruffles, more than a few feathers, one member of the monarchy vows to keep the princess locked in her stylish but decidedly ivory tower.

Can Liz break through her birthright to find a powerful kind of love?



    Very happy to have more of Roman and Liz. They were both a part of Clementine and Christian acceptance in one way or another and the spark that lite between the two was fresh and a bit refreshing. It was refreshing in a scene that usually its the nobody, no one, lowly, rejected, unwanted, unworthy, more of that female that snags royalty. I love the reversal of the role and would like to see more of it. I still feel like the characters chosen by the author to be her dream cast make sense. Although I know this cast would never do a Hallmark movie. There was something more in the story of Roman and Liz. I felt more connected to Roman and Liz with the background or glimpse from Clementine and Christina's romance. I still was not a fan of the Queen. I loved the King and want more of the other princes and princess. The Modern Royals have a brighter look at things and make you want more. I once again found that Andrea Emmes did well supplying that vocal portion of the story. She added flavor. She brought Aven Ellis' story to life and made it a visual experience.

  • Lauren J.

    Who would willingly want to be a princess?! Princesses are extravagant. They are of the utmost beauty. They are wealthy. They can make changes. That all sounds wonderful and quite fascinating, but at the same time, princesses born into royalty are…utterly lonely. You would think that they would have all of the attention that they could ever want, but when it comes down to it…living in the limelight all of the time is very lonely and no one can ever really see underneath the title. The public will see the princess and royalty, but do they really see what makes them happy or what their deepest and darkest secrets are? No, not really unless they flaunt it openly to the public. Ellis has a magical and swoon-worthy romantic comedy that will leave readers earnestly awaiting the next royal character’s love story. Princess Elizabeth of York is quite wonderful to all except the queen. She is a champion for children’s causes, she is kind and follows the rules exceptionally well…that is until one sexy gardener catches her eye. Not being of royal title, Liz knows that she would be taking a chance if she let him take her heart. While she isn't too thrilled to plunge into a romance, knowing that Roman may reject her flat out once the paparazzi sinks their claws into him, there is a connection that she desperately wants to explore. And if that isn’t enough to turn him away from her, her family will quite surely do the remaining honors. She just knows that there is absolutely no love worth that torment, but there is that inkling in the back of her mind that hopes beyond a sliver of a doubt that just maybe, she is worth that fight. Can their love for each other be that powerful? Ellis has a magical and funny royal romance that readers will just eat right up! The characters are well developed. Most of them are quirky, imperfect, charming and loveable, allowing readers to truly relate to and understand their personalities and insecurities. Will he/she love me for who I am? Will he/she care what my family thinks of him/her? Will I be enough? Most of the aspects within this standalone are common fears, but have been heightened to accommodate nobility risks. Ellis ties everything in together at a steady pace; however, Emmes’ vocal relay is magnificent. She is able to draw readers in to each scene using clear and on-point accents along with lively character vocal differentiation throughout her storytelling. The Princess Pose is the second installment within the Modern Royals Series; however, each book can be read as a standalone since they focus on different characters within the royal family instead of a continuous story of one character.  If you love romantic comedies and chick lit, this may be something that you’ll want to give a try. An audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating to The Princess Pose by Aven Ellis.

  • A H.

    Book two of this very enjoyable series by Aven Ellis about Prince and princess falling in love with commoners. The laughs and humour will continue with Princess Elizabeth “Liz” of York and Roman Lawler the estate gardener of pretiques Cheltham house in London. It was love at first time for these two both we have met in the first book. The narrator of this audiobook is Aven Ellis I enjoyed her adaptation of this audiobook just a much as the first one. There are many different characters in this book to which the narrator did a great job of telling us this story. This Narrator has a list of many audiobooks to her name and does the British accent very well. Liz is the niece to the King of England in this Romantic comedy about modern-day Royals. She is a modern princess she works for the Royal family helping with children's charities and events, she is also trying to change the world's view of the monarchy and at the same time change the stuffy traditions of the older members of the royal family. She wants to follow her heart a heart that fulls for a common man, a sexy, handsome, trustworthy, confident gardener she meets at the Cheltham house after attending yoga in book one. Roman loves in his job at Cheltham house one because he gets to work with his beloved grandfather but also the freedom and joy he gets from gardening. What will happen when the girls he meets and like is a Princess? How will he ever fit into her world? The chemistry between these two is very sweet and sexy but most of all you can feel its genuine. Liz knows what life in the royal family means, never being out of the public eye but his this something she wants for Roman? She has seen what it does to her cousins Xander, Christian but will Roman still want to see her when the reality of her world hits him. Can she protect him from the paparazzi and her very difficult Aunt Queen Antonia? Will love be enough? I would recommend both of the audiobook version by Aven Ellis and narrated by Aven Ellis. A Royal Shade of Blue (A Modern Royals #1) A Princess Pose: Modern Royals Series, Book 2 These can be read or listen too as stand-alone or as part of the series it's all up to you. The quality of the audiobooks was perfect for me just as the first one was.

  • Amy C.

    The Princess Pose is the second installment from A Modern Royals by Aven Ellis. I enjoyed the first book of the series, A Royal Shade of Blue and this one does not disappoint. I loved getting to know Liz more in this one. Her and Roman had great chemistry right from the start. I had the pleasure of listening to the audio version of this book. I loved how Andrea Emmes was able to bring this book to life. Her performance was fabulous. I give The Princess Pose five plus stars. I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy a sweet romance loaded with delight, fun and giggles. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

  • Esther Hadassah

    The Princess Pose - This is the second book in Modern Royals series, by Aven Ellis. I had the amazing privilege of listening this book back-to-back with the first book, Royal Shade of Blue. You do not need to read the first book to read this one. However, you totally should because it's amazing. Liz is the cousin of Christian Chadwick, which is the royal from the previous book. Her story is just as adorable and enthralling as the first book. We have a slightly deeper glance at royal living. And as Liz begins to explain Roman's character, we can understand that she is not an ordinary royal. She is definiteyl different, much like her cousin, Christian. I enjoyed Roman's character, even if not as much as I enjoyed Christian. But he was still wonderful and he worked with Liz really well. They are are "MFEO" Once again, Andrea Emmes brings the characters to life. In this book, Andrea narrates from Liz's perspective and give her a unique voice. The audio was exceptional. I have no complaints.

Princess Pose: Modern Royals Series Book 2

by Aven Ellis

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Princess Pose: Modern Royals Series Book 2, Aven Ellis
Princess Pose: Modern Royals Series Book 2, Aven Ellis
This title is due for release on July 24, 2019.

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Princess Pose: Modern Royals Series Book 2, Aven Ellis
This title is due for release on July 24, 2019
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Princess Pose: Modern Royals Series Book 2, Aven Ellis
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Princess Pose: Modern Royals Series Book 2, Aven Ellis

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