Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics

Written by:
Joe Biden
Narrated by:
Mark Deakins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2008
15 hours 33 minutes
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • President Joe Biden, the author of Promise Me, Dad, tells the story of his extraordinary life and career prior to his emergence as Barack Obama’s beloved, influential vice president.
“I remain captivated by the possibilities of politics and public service. In fact, I believe that my chosen profession is a noble calling.”—Joe Biden 

Joe Biden has both witnessed and participated in a momentous epoch of American history. In Promises to Keep, Joe Biden reveals what these experiences taught him about himself, his colleagues, and the institutions of government.

With his customary candor and wit, Biden movingly recounts growing up in a staunchly Catholic multigenerational household in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Wilmington, Delaware; overcoming personal tragedy, life-threatening illness, and career setbacks; his relationships with presidents, with world leaders, and with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle; and his leadership of powerful Senate committees.

Through these and other recollections, Biden shows us how the guiding principles he learned early in life—to work to make people’s lives better; to honor family and faith; to value persistence, candor, and honesty—are the foundation on which he has based his life’s work as husband, father, and public servant.

Promises to Keep is an intimate series of reflections from a public servant who surmounted numerous challenges to become one of our most effective leaders and who refuses to be cynical about politics. It is also a stirring testament to the promise of the United States.

Praise for Promises to Keep

“A ripping good read . . . Biden is a master storyteller and has stories worth telling.”—The Christian Science Monitor

“A compelling personal story.”—The New York Times

“Moving . . . [Biden’s] response to tragedy and near death [is] both admirable and likable.”—Salon
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Sara L.

I think he is a fraud.

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Joe Biden isn't a perfect man, but he never claimed to be one in the first place. He is just as flawed as any of us. He has viewpoints (he addressed in the book) that doesn't necessarily align with all of mine, but you can't always blame the man for what life has thrown at him. Coming from close knit family with not much of a financial background, he comes as a humble man that has experienced a lot of loss and turmoil--especially facing the death of his wife, daughter and recently his son. He has openly stated in the book that he's not as financially blessed as the other politicians, but he triumphs in the work he's been striving to go for in his political career. All in all, say what you will about the man, but after reading the book, you come to appreciate the message: we've made mistakes, we've had our losses, we've had our wins--we're simply human in the end of the day.

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