The Psalms: Your Model and Guide to Prayer

Written by:
Michael D. Guinan
Narrated by:
Michael D. Guinan
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2009
4 hours 50 minutes
Fr. Michael Guinan's award-winning audio lectures are enjoyed by listeners in over 30 countries. Now, you are invited to take the greatest prayer book ever compiled as a guide to your life.
With one of the world's best Old Testament professors as your teacher, you will explore the many paths of prayer created for us by the Book of Psalms' divinely inspired brilliance.

Now you can explore and learn about these treasures with one of our most popular presenters, Scripture scholar Fr. Michael Guinan, OFM, PhD. Enter into the ancient world of the psalms in this essential audio course. You will explore the literary forms of the psalms, especially praise and lament. You will learn how the New Testament writers and early Christians used the psalms. The psalms have their origin in the worship and prayer of ancient Israel, and now you, too, can discover them as models and guides for your life of prayer.
The psalms "constitute the masterwork of prayer in the Old Testament. They present two inseparable qualities: the personal, and the communal. Prayed and fulfilled in Christ, the Psalms are an essential and permanent element of the prayer of the church. They are suitable for people of every condition and time."
This course will help you enter more fully and personally into this great collection of inspired prayer.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide.
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