Punish the Sinners

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: John Saul

Narrated By: David Daoust

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: May 2006

Duration: 6 hours 12 minutes


Italy, 1252 Inquisition. Accusation. Fear. Torture. The guilty and the innocent dying for sins real and imagined, in the flames of the burning stake... Neilsville, 1978 Peter Balsam has come to this sleepy desert town to teach its youth, and finds a mystery of mounting horror. Something is happening to the young girls of St. Francis Xavier High School - something evil. In bloodlet and terror a suicide contagion has swept the town...while a dark order of its holy men enacts a secret medieval ritual. Is hysteria manipulating these innocent children into violent self-destruction? Or has a supernatural force, a thirteenth-century madness, returned to...Punish the Sinners?


  • Kathleen Lewis

    Punish the Sinners by John Saul. I prefer to be positive in my reviews, however, I did not find this storyline intriguing or engaging. I absolutely love good mystery/horror books. Case in point - A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. I know Mr. Saul is a prolific author but confess this is the first of his books I have ever read. That said, the story seemed transparently formulaic, tossing together a recipe of young orphan boy, priest, sadism, ex-priest and Catholic Church bureaucracy. The result is a novel that feels somewhat familiar but not fresh. Sort of like a restaurant where every dish contains basically the same day old ingredients just in different proportions. I may (or may not) read another John Saul book . More importantly, the fact that I have come away feeling wholly ambivalent says more than all the words I have strung together in the preceding sentences. I only gave narration 2 stars because it grates on my nerves when a male narrator gives women characters voices that sound whiney, insipid and/or naggy. I don't believe it is intentional or purposefully sexist. It is just annoying and detracts from the overall experience.

  • Katherine Nichols

    my fave author of all time! I've been a fan since I was a teen. John saul writes characters you anguish for! super creepy!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don't think I'll ever listen to another John Saul book after this one. I mean, the poor guy was obviously abused... Gay priest orgies and murder. Truly twisted and not believable.

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by John Saul

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