The Puppet: Master Dark psychology guide to Learn everything About Manipulation techniques, Body Language, NLP, Mind Control, How to Analyze People, Art of Persuasion and Emotional Influence

Written by:
Stephen Mertens
Narrated by:
Luke Brandon , Dawson Studio

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
13 hours 22 minutes
Without realizing it we often find ourselves being manipulated psychologically, would you like to know how? Then read on.
In this audiobook we're going to deal with a very delicate but extremely fascinating subject: Dark psychology and all the techniques used to control, manipulate, and influence the mind. It may seem strange to you, but in everyday life, we often find ourselves facing situations that could make us feel uncomfortable, inappropriate, inferior, or embarrassed, sometimes without even realizing it.
What most people don't realize is that very often, we are unconsciously victims of psychological manipulation, mental control, and persuasion by those around us.
People capable of this, take us on an invisible path, guiding us precisely to where they want, in every circumstance and situation (work, sentimental, friendly), aiming to get an advantage over us. Some of these techniques are used by great leaders, employers, politicians, and also by strangers who silently and subtly accompany us on this psychological path, having total control over us and our reactions.
In this book you will discover:
The most commonly used persuasion techniques
How to recognize a manipulator
How to 'read' people and on which physical and character aspects you need to focus your attention
First steps on psychology history
What is Dark Psychology?
What is 'NLP' (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)?
Dark psychology in a couple’s relationship
What is The Dark Triad?
Wrong friendships and how to recognize them
The listening of this audiobook is highly recommended to everyone: both for those who need to know and protect themselves from manipulators, and for those who want to discover and enter the fascinating world of psychology.
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Elizabeth 2.

Wow with what's going on in this world now you must get this book.I love how it shows techniques people try to manipulate you with.The observations to detect how someone is using tactics to get you to do what they want or believe will have little effect on you if you study this information in the book.

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Gambler J.

This a very much pretty book that I ever buy. The content of this book is very much heart touching and knowledgeable. Author Writes this book very well.

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Renaissance R.

Everybody should read this book! To recognize not just behavior in others, but to recognize behaviors in themselves, as well! A very interesting read!

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Dr A.

This book covers many different topics regarding manipulation and what are or could look like and how to avoid them. It’s impossible to become comfortable with these techniques without observation and practice.

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Dark psychology consists of negative human traits we may encounter every day. Each one uses a different type of manipulation such as gaslighting, projection, isolation, and punishment, to get their way. Learn to defend yourself against these manipulations.

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Toney L.

Psychology is such an interesting concept to me, and likely why I enjoyed this book so much. As someone who has felt taken advantage of on more than one occasion, I found the information useful for preventing any kind of said occurrence from happening again. After reading, I felt like I would be more likely to be able to recognize when something like this was taking place again. Not only a helpful read, but a very interesting one

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Phillip L.

This book is written at a level that is understandable for everyone. It provides useful and actionable information. It is an interesting read.

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Roseline R.

This book breaks down the negative (dark) traits and explains them. It will help you identify and avoid the negative traits and manipulations of narcissists, sadists, psychopaths, and Machiavellian people. They all use manipulation to get what they want at the detriment of other people. It will help you determine if someone is manipulating you to achieve their negative goals

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Starling J.

Dark Psychology is the art and science of manipulation and mind control. Dark psychology can be seen as the study of the human condition. In relation to the different kinds of people who prey on others.

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