"Putting Out Into the Deep": An Ignatian Retreat

Written by:
Virginia Blass , Harry Cain
Narrated by:
Harry Cain , Virginia Blass
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2012
4 hours 45 minutes
To "put out into the deep" whether in reference to interpersonal relationships, fishing or professional decisions always entails risk, exploration, and commitment.

This retreat locates the well-known phrase in a faith context, providing practical answers for tapping into the depths of Catholic teaching. It is designed for those in search of a bold new approach to growing in their relationship to God that is, at the same time, steeped in scripture and tradition.

Using the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Fr. Cain and Ms. Blass provide complementary insights from their respective backgrounds, as they share their diverse knowledge. Their combined guidance results in a multi-faceted program that is sure to deepen your faith life.

A few questions that these two experts will deal with are: How is risk involved in one's spiritual growth and journey? How do I know what God desires for me? What about my own desires? Compassion will act as a focal point throughout the course, as you explore the kind of freely-given love that only God can offer. Forgiveness will also be explored as a great grace, which leads one more fully into true freedom and into communion with God.

Under the guidance of these seasoned teachers, you will walk with Christ, to unveil how your desires and hopes, fears and confusion are either enhancing or preventing your life-long journey with Him. Join these two sage voices in conversation today.

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