The Qubit Zirconium

Written by:
M Darusha Wehm
Narrated by:
Chelsea Stephens

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
9 hours 48 minutes
Alien detectives stumble across a mystery that could tear apart their patchwork planet, the Crucible, in this riotous science fantasy novel from the smash hit game, KeyForge

Wibble & Pplimz, the Crucible's most unusual private investigators, must set off from their office in Hub City to clear the name of a former client. Along the way, their investigation broadens from a simple accusation of theft to include a missing person, a potential murder, and a highly unusual gem. Four interlinking incidents take them across the Crucible, as they attempt to solve the case. But there's something more sinister lurking underneath: evidence of a secret society that aims to discover the power of the Architects, and forever change the nature of the Crucible itself.
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I love the Keyforge universe, the book is written well enough, and the narration is fine; so I'm a little disappointed that I can't rate this higher. Keyforge is an odd place and it is difficult to keep track of everything because of all the alien sounding names. When a sentence is composed of mostly unrecognizable words, it is a bit disengaging. I do plan on returning to the tale again as it is a fun tour of the Crucible.

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