Queen's Sacrifice: Requiem for the Goddess

Queen's Sacrifice: Requiem for the Goddess

Written by:
Colin Lindsay
Narrated by:
Skye Alley
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
9 hours 32 minutes
The list of people trying to kill Kala keeps growing…

- an army of barbarians

- a death cult and its Machiavellian leader

- a dark order of assassins

- the shadowy Ancients, who refuse to stay dead

- a host of unkillable monsters

- a horde of metallic devil-spiders

…and that’s just the active list!

Luckily, the Goddess of Death is on Kala’s side. That’s got to count for something, doesn’t it?

The series draws to an explosive conclusion as Kala’s allies clash with Soren’s army, straining bonds and testing friendships.

The real enemy, the shadowy Church, led by the cunning Priestess, continues to orchestrate the Apocalypse, wielding a formidable arsenal of long-forgotten weapons and the support of the Ancients themselves.

Caught between forces bent on total destruction, the situation looks hopeless for Kala and those she loves. A final battle is looming in which Kala will have to choose between her humanity and her destiny – a battle that will scorch the earth and her heart.

Can one person stop the Apocalypse, even if that person is the Goddess’s Scythe?

With its seductive story and characters, this engrossing fantasy series will not disappoint!
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